International Coir Museum Alleppey

The International Coir Museum is a museum located in Alappuzha district in the Indian state of Kerala.

The museum is dedicated to showcasing the history, development, and importance of the coir industry in the region. Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconut and is widely used in the production of mats, rugs, carpets, and other products.

International Coir Museum Alappuzha

The museum is housed in a beautiful building that combines traditional Kerala architecture with modern design elements. It features exhibits that trace the history of the coir industry in the region, including the tools and machinery used in the production of coir, as well as the different types of coir products that are made.

Visitors to the International Coir Museum can also learn about the traditional methods of coir production and how the industry has evolved over time. The museum also has a coir demonstration area where visitors can watch artisans weaving coir products by hand.

In addition to its educational exhibits, the International Coir Museum also has a coir emporium where visitors can purchase a variety of coir products such as mats, rugs, and other decorative items.

Overall, the International Coir Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in learning about the coir industry and its importance in the region. With its informative exhibits and beautiful setting, it is a great place to spend an afternoon while visiting Alappuzha.

Visiting Hours : 09.0AM to 05.00PM Closed On Mondays

Entry Fee : Rs.50/- Per person

Address: COIRBOARD COMPLEX GOVT.OF.INDIA KALAVOOR.PO. ALAPUZHA. Kochi, Panvel - Kochi - Kanyakumari Hwy, Kalavoor, Alappuzha, Kerala 688522

Phone: 0477 225 8067

How To Reach

The most accessible mode of transportation is by car or taxi. Its located just 8.4 km away from the main Alappuzha town.

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