Pandavan Rock Alappuzha

Pandavan Rock is a popular tourist destination located in Alappuzha district, Kerala, India.

The rock formation is believed to be associated with the Pandavas, the legendary heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Pandavan Rock in mahabharatham

According to local legend, the Pandavas visited the site during their exile and carved out small caves in the rocks to take shelter. The rock formation is also believed to have served as a hiding place for the Pandavas when they were being pursued by their enemies.

The Pandavan Rock is situated amidst scenic surroundings and offers panoramic views of the nearby river and backwaters. Visitors can climb up the rocks to explore the small caves and enjoy the picturesque views. The site is also popular among adventure enthusiasts, who come here for trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling.

Pandavan Rock is a unique and picturesque destination that offers a glimpse into the rich mythology and natural beauty of Kerala. It is located about 15 kilometers from Alappuzha town and can be easily accessed by road or boat.

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